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Known Issues - things to do

The list below contains well known issues about the Player. I do not rate them as bugs:

1. On first internet radio connect, the pre-buffering take longer as configured in 'Pre-Buffer' panel.

2. Establish a Internet connection are'nt shown in Titlescroller.

3. A refused connection are'nt shown in Titlescroller.

4. Sometimes the clock counts up, but there isn't any Media played.

5. Changing the Look and Feel will cause some display problems in the Version dialog transparency.

6. On first startup of JamP the Look & Feel of Windows are choosen (If running on Windows). On Windows XP with 'Classic Look' enabled, this results in choosing the 'Metal Look & Feel' at startup.

7. The balance position were not saved. I do not think it is usefull, if you do, please write me some email.

8. If Skining File is left for the 'Seekbar' , i havent implemented a fallback yet. This makes the 'Seekbar' look crap somtimes. I tested JamP with allmost 70 Skins, i found one Skin with that problem.

9. On Linux mostly the Skining files have a file suffix '*.zip'. he Player does not support '*.zip' files at the moment. To fix this, please rename the Skining file to '*.wsz' .

10. The minimize button on the Player window haven't any funtion actually.

11.Importing large playlists (.pls .m3u) will take some time. JamP does not support 'lazy loading' of Media informations. I will fix that soon. Some users gave me feedback about that,thx!

12.The last played song after restart of JamP arent saved and marked on Playlist. Also this must be fixed as soon as possible.