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Special Edition - choose your Skin

Here you can download JamP with your preferred Skin as default look. Also you can switch between Skins on the fly. Download more Skins there.

  Important: Update to version 0.549 in some days 

Moo Amp Edition

Be different, be co(w)ol.

Skin Author: Emil Löfblom


Nucleo Amp Edition

One of the most used Skins so far.

Skin Author: Imre Benedek


Summerbreeze Edition

The Beachlife is just one click away, take it on your Laptop to the beach...

Skin Author: Stephan Hoekstra


Mozart Edition

Friends of Classic will love this ...

Skin Author: Lajos Nincsics

Info :

Java Webstart enables you allways to run the latest stable JamP without loosing your Skin choosen there. If there is some update avaible, Webstart will automaticly download the new version if you are online. This prevents you getting out of date.





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