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24.3.2008 - Multikulti Core finished 

I am happy to announce that the Core of Multikulti has finished. Within next days the API Doc will be updated also the examples will be finshed.

So long Stay tuned....

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9.2.2008 - Reconstruction Listeners

Hello, i already have rewitten the Preferences UI for JamP. While using the Listeners which broadcast lots of internal states i figured out that its time to change the whole logic behind. This will lack the release of JamP for quite some days. I hope i can announce the next release until end of the month. 

So long Stay tuned....

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13.1.2008 - JamP is Vista compatible

Today i could test JamP under Vista 64 Bit Ultimate and it runs smooth without any problems as far i can say. Further i work on the next update which will be released soon. So long Stay Tuned...

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4.1.2008 - Happy new JamP everone !

After such long time i'd like to inform you about a new release of my Mp3 Player project JamP. Current version needs Java 6 at least to run. The Codebase is completly reviewed. Lots of bugfixes and smaller feature enhancements like Always on Top and more chooseable Look and Feels went into it. Overal performance was improved which sould result in a better handling. This release is only the start of reworking on the project after such long time, so expect updates in some time. Happy new Year to everone ...

Stay Tuned ...

12.8.2006 - Multikulti and Evoke

Hi, beeing at Evoke this weekend was much fun. Meeting several people i know from the scene was exciting after such long time. I meet Skyrunner from Brain Control which was responsible in our demos for the music back in 1999.

I already posted the link to Multikulti my Open Source Internationalization Framework for Rich / Fat Clients and Applets in the german news section. Its beeing under heavy development these days as i currently working on the Editor which makes it possible to translate an application at runtime. For those who are concern in the project should take a closer look at the project website. See you soon....

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18.6.2006- Football Wordcup

Hello, at this moment Germany is taken over by Football. I really like the ambience all over. A lot of games were held near by my living place, streets were filled by People allover the world. I meet lot of people while riding the train, much of them directly came from somewhere to watch the games.

Well, long time no writing there. I try to reduce that delays there.

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25.5.2005 - Demo Section update

Hi, i uploaded a new Demo called Iconoclast from ASD. In my opinion it's the Demo of the Year 2005 - Its worth the bigger download. Stay Tuned =:)

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25.5.2005 - MusicBox Beta soon

with big delay a new project called MusicBox go into first beta cycle tomorrow.First involved testing people are friends of mine to get direct feedback from them.First beta phase includes Windows/Linux version on commandline.Keep an eye on this,as more details will be published soon! So long - Stay Tuned

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6.12.2004 - JamP version 0.523 (xmas ed.) avaible

an updated version of the JamP Player is now avaible via webstart and zipped version(will come later today). It fixes some GUI bugs on the Equalizer.A new Audioengine will be soon avaible for JamP,i currently test and integrate it...Stay Tuned.

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26.10.2004 - New 3D Stuff, JamP work in progress

Hi, i uploaded some of my alltime favorite demos and newest ones.

I still working on JamP, i allready invested a lot of time and power to make it even better and more stable. Some refactoring i made last days, lots of new features will get into the new release. So be patience and Stay Tuned ;)


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25.9.2004 - problems occured

Hi, i'm a bit frustrated about the the deployment of JamP, i run in serveral problems distribute it on all focused systems. I still have to made some tests. I allready collected the demos that will be avaible there next, hope to get them online next. Stay Tuned, i hope to post some better news next days.

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1.9.2004 - still alive

..long time no news from me, let me explain what happen last weeks. Plans made are hard to combine with real life.

At first there was my mental hangeover (allread gone) in middle of June. Sun was shining and i was a lazy dude. After that the OpenGL fever catch me, i coded a small Demo-System to learn. I also think that there are no good Java demos avaible, all tests i made (together with olaf) showed that there is nothing for Java to hide in performance. May Nice release some demo in a few next months, i currently asked Teanuc and Skyrunner if they had interrest in making a demo. Ecplise and Hannes also showed interrests in demo making, and some new Coder may join....Topmost thing i made was research in 'how to improve JamP' to became a killer Appication. This will be done from now on. I will not yet post detailed infos about that...

The Skined-Playlist is half finished, i think this month it will be released, sorry for that long delay.

The Demo-Section will also updated next days, some will be replaced by new Assembly and other Party releases.

Stay Tuned ;)

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20.5.2004 - last break (new Demos)

...i see the next weeks will not so much engaged with work since last, that enable me to work harder on the final release of JamP. The situation is a lot better now, i own a last year i code most features on the railway (I like this). The basic of the Skinedplaylist is done, some rendering issues still need to be fixed. Today the demo section is beeing updated with releases from Razor 1911 and Mfx & Kewlers...nothing more today..Just Stay Tuned :)

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24.4.2004 - all at once

Hi, after last month advice i accepted a new Job. Well i allmost busy with this job, so things slow down. Actually the 'new' Playlist is under devlopment, the result is not worth yet to be published in any kind. I current search for a laptop that enables me to develop when travel by rail. Also i launched a new Project today, details will follow later. The project will become the focus later this year. Please be patience in the meantime. Again thanks to all your feedback got so far. As allways contact me for any question you have. Enjoy life and Stay Tuned ;)

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17.3.2004 - Spring feeling

Hi, with a small delay the new JamP is out now. The Firewall / Proxy support was improved. Connect to Internet Radio will no longer produce 'clicks' at start. Also i closed a memoryleak - the result is a much smaller memory usage of the Player. All 'Build In' Radio Stations were updated, also new were added.

I uploaded also two Desktop Wallpapers, made by Hannes Neumann avaible in the JamP Section.

I plan start to on work the Skinned Playlist this week. As this is one of the major things left to do, expect next update someday in April. Happy Sunshine to everone - Stay Tuned ;)

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9.3.2004 - Let's go

After last two month of work for CeBit i'm able to continue working on this site and JamP. Before the player update will be avaible at the end of the week, i decided to upload some good demo releases from last Year. Have fun watching them, and as allways Stay Tuned :)

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8.1.2004 - a look into the crystal ball - the year 2004

Today a overview of plans i have:

- This Site will move to a new server that provides me to render dynamic content. Also my webspace is a bit limited now.

- JamP will move to a 1.0 version, the Player itself is stable and runs on all focused platforms, so i will add the final features as planed. I try to realize this until summer this year.

- The Player gets some graphical redesign, a friend is currently working on it. Another friend sends a preview of a Jingle that will distributed with the player! I

- Actually i working on some comercial project that takes my time, so until end of Feb. i don't plan to work on the Player.

I hope to get all things done this year, Stay Tuned :)

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28.12.03 - Happy new Year least i updated the Demo Section by Mechanical Dreams, stylish 3d in good Demo specific manner. So, good new year to all of you - Stay Tuned ;)

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26.11.03 - "JamP is a Champ..."

..on top of headline. I never throught about such success. Thanks for tons of downloads so far. I keep on working - Stay Tuned :)

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23.11.2003 - JamP 0.518 download avaible

The new JamP is avaible. Lots of new features finally reaches this new stable version and also the special editions. One major new feature is the Equalizer Function added. This enables you to controll the Audio Signal in the way you want. The Equalizer comes with build-in Audio Presents for usage on laptops or the next party and more.

The reason for the delay was that i had the knowlege to implement the Equalizer in middle september. But also a new window handler was implemented to bring docking functions for the Player Window and Equalizer Window. The Docking framework it currently in beta state. You can enable it from with in the preferences, also there can be configured how less space must be left to make the Windows snap together. The docking mechanism will be improved soon, to bring more usablility to the User.

For those that haven't looked into the last avaible Alpha version i listed most of the features added to the stable release in the actual Player section. Also you can take a look at the Screenshots i provide there. You will regonize that lots of things were improved or more usable now.

Since the publication in the Swing Sights at Sun, the Project got so much response, i never thought about so much people would like it. So first i was a bit shocked - then i start thinking again what to do next to push the project to the max. Most of the result gone into this release. Also I plan some cooperation with the internet radio next. More on this will follow soon. Please give me your feedback as done before - Stay Tuned ;)

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20.11.2003 - Testphase 0.518 rc4 lauched

Well, the testing for the new stable release finally started. The testing itself should take about 3 or 4 days, depending on testers sparetime. I do not write the new feature list today - but you're able to take a look at the last alpha version (r3). This will give you some introduction about it...but.. still great things to come...Stay Tuned :)

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30.10.2003 - technical probems occured while testing

Happy halloween everybody, i'm sorry. I wasn't able to finish the upcoming release of the player this month. The reason are problems with new features on Linux with IBM and Blackdown VM (i isolated the problem yet'). Some other, that i implemented tons of new features and estimated the bunch of small things to do....Stay Tuned :)

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14.10.2003 Demo Update

Some good Demoproductions came out last weeks, so i uploaded again some more. This time only 64kb Demos were added. Also there is a update from Farbrausch's Candytron Demo into the final Version. Demogroups like Conspiracy or Cryonics show that there also had the knowlege to produce high quality releases.
Im currently working on the stable version of JamP 0.518, hope to get it finished within this week. I have to implement only some small things.... Stay Tuned :)

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13.10.2003 - sorry for delay

...sorry for the delay with the Player, i had some private things to do last weeks. Now im back to push the Player Project again. the near future there will be some new avaible OpenGL Demo. Hope to get 0.518 soon online as stable release.....

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12.9.2003 - JamP 0.518 rc 1 avaible

The avaible release canidate brings lots of innovations and improvements.

I reviewed the complete code, also bigger parts were recoded as the Skin Loading. I tested jamp against 70 winamp 2.x skins. Only one skin messed up! The Menu on the Player window got a new look, also the Skin Menu is complete recoded, and synchronized with the Skin Browser. I made lots improvements to support most plattform, including Macintosh. I got much feedback last weeks from Macinitosh users that the Player was looking crap on Mac OSX. I fixed this display problems with this release canidate by using the default look Mac OSX provides for Java. You can switch the look from within the preferences dialog under "Look and Feel". Many thanks to Thierry Janaudy for his feedback to get JamP running on Mac.

In the Skin Menu the 'defaut' skin' is now avaible, this is usefull for users running a special Edition. Also no more 'flying Windows' are visible, the player got the original feeling now. Thanks to Olaf Kliche for his statement about this. The 'build in' Internet Radios were updated, 39 radios are avaible. The radiolist contains all from Jazz to Classic, from Tekkno to Trance, and more.

Avaible are all known issues about the Player. Also the whole JamP section is avaible in english, just click on the flag to switch between german and english. If you found some bug or whatever, please let me know.

So, it was again hard work to get there, hope you like the Player....Stay Tuned :)


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28.8.2003 - Render To Texture Demo Linux update

The LWJGL OpenGL framework in version 0.7 is released, i updated the Render To Texture Demo by the Linux binaries. The Mac OS port is announced for version 0.8. With the Mac port the Visualization will be avaible for all focusd plattforms.


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22.8.2003 - Render To Texture Demo released

JamP was downloaded 500 times since the publication at Sun two weeks ago. Thanks using it!

The Render to Texture Demo is now avaible. Actually it runs only on Windows. Next i plan to add the Linux binaries to it.

The Assembly Demo Party held last weekend, i upload some good ones.

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6.8.2003 - Sunrise - plans i have

Since today JamP is shown in Swing Sights at

I choosen LWJGL as the OpenGL framework. I ported a Tutorial from Nehe (Render to Texture). I put the Demo into the Code Corner, coz the Code will also be avaible soon.


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