LWJGL Win32 Webstart Demo

'Thing' build from 34016 Vertices /18080 Faces

Texture size 1024x1024.

about 1000 stars moving around

realtime Spectrum of Music beeing Played

3 x Cube Tentacle
1 x Cube Tentacle with Pixelsystem consists of 20.000 Pixel attached
1 x Red Cube somewhere else (try to find it)

  • use mouse for navigation
  • press T for Texture Mode
  • press W for Polygon Line draw
  • press F for Fog Mode
  • press J or K for smal left or right camera movement
  • press N or M for smal to move forewards or backwards
  • press arrow keys controll 'thing' speed
  • press ESC to Escape
  • This project was never released (mostly done around 2005) so there are plenty of bugs possible. It uses LWJGL in 0.97 version which is quite old today but works on most windows maschines i tested it. Actually it is not possible to enter an URL as all is hardcoded (im not sure sometimes the Livestream works) try . You can select beetween several textures and meshes. Project contains some of my first expericences combining OpenGL and Music playback under the open Java Plattform. The Demo uses LWJGL Fmod bindings for playback and FFT Transform visualisation is connected through NIO to the core. Scene constist of one static light source. Two instances of the cube tentacle are responsible for the rendering. One is is drawn three times at different locations, respectivly synchron. Almost was coded to test some of my ideas on developing an successor of JamP. The 'Thing' itself in realife is something that can be used to massage your back. Well i do not know the exact name for that piece of .... 'Thing'.

    Click there to start the Green Thing -


    The 'Thing' in front of a cube Tenacle. Cube uses 'Schlangenhaut' texture.
    Some Cube-Tentacle


    Flight beside the music spectrum visualisation ...using 'GOA' texture